Friday, September 30, 2011

Settling Down at Okanagen Retirement Homes

Okanagan retirement homes have become a prominent name among retirement communities & homes in British Columbia, Canada. A home based in serene environment becomes indispensable for an elderly life. Understanding the need, this premiere retirement community has come up with right blend of amenities and medical facilities to serve age-centric needs of senior citizens.

The community is located on the basin of Okanagan Lake in British Columbia. Owing to its geographic location, the region experiences mild sunshine round the year. Some of the best known golf courses in the country are just 15 minutes drive from Okanagan retirement homes. Retirement communities & homes in British Columbia are known for their closeness to nature and Okanagan is no exception. Surrounded by a creatively mastered landscape of flower beds and green belts, the place is a premiere retirement community for nature lovers. The look and feel of the surrounding region is no less than a botanical garden.

Medical attention is among the foremost requirements of elderly people. Hence, Okanagan retirement homes are strategically built near top notch medical facilities in the country. Kelowna General Hospital which is considered to be the region’s largest hospital is only five minutes drive from this premiere retirement community. To meet any kind of medical emergency, five other specialty clinics are in close proximity to the place.

Every single person inside a retirement community thinks differently, some are sporty while others find solace in books. For book lovers, this retirement community has several libraries and reading sections. At the end of a day, one can go there and relax in the world of books.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sage Creek – Gateway to Luxurious Retirement Life

After spending the major portion of life in mundaneness which is associated with professionalism, need for a luxury retirement living becomes indispensable. Sage Creek retirement homes in Okanagan have been strategically built keeping this very need in mind. With a superior floor plan and spacious rooms that the homes offer, these have become the preferred choice of people looking for ideal retirement communities BC.

The community hosts various types of homes, viz. Heron, Kingfisher, Raven, Mallard, Osprey, Quail, Swallow, Peregrine and Mergansar. Varying in prices and surface area, the residential structures in this housing community offer ample choice to the elderly. A five minutes walk from this premiere retirement community can take an individual to the beautiful Okanagan Lake.

Adding to the luxury of the community is the spacious clubhouse which is ideally built to be in proximity to all the residencies. Birthday parties and other events are conducted on a regular basis in this clubhouse to ensure no dull moment in this premiere retirement community. The area is the largest wine producing region of the country which is why some finest wine shops are closely located to this premiere retirement community.

A lavish 18 hole golf course is located very near to Sage Creek retirement communities BC, which makes living here a pleasurable experience for golf aficionados. The weather remains sunny for most part of the year, making the community a favorable destination for outdoor recreational activities. Just like physical fitness, importance is given to the mental peace of the elderly. Yoga and meditation sessions, which are conducted several times in a week, take care of this need.

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